Ruining Your Favorite Shows

From the moment I heard “I Ross, take you Rachel” I was obsessed with television. I couldn’t believe the giant cube-shaped box in our living room could make me react so much and I have spent my career since writing, watching, and studying television in the hopes that one day I will be staffed on a series. In my path to this dream job I have studied Screenwriting in college, worked for several production companies, and did script analysis work on the side. I have spent the bulk of my twenties working fifteen hour days for less than 25k a year. Several months after receiving a job opportunity of a life time and moving to the east coast, I was laid off and found myself four thousand miles away from the bulk of the industry. Yes, I could have looked for another development job on the east coast but I was tired. Since then I have been freelance writing, working with production companies to create series bibles and pitch decks for television series, and continuing to write script coverage.

I started out doing script analysis for my friends, but soon found more opportunities through those I knew in the industry. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that as more outlets create shows, the more disparate the advice for series writing. Subtlety reigns in television these days making it sometimes hard to decipher, and when you’re trying to write a spec and the only advice you’re receiving is “watch the show,” it can sometimes feel like a more uphill battle than it needs to be. This blog will break it down for you. We will cover structure, character, season arcs, genre, trends, and even when the “jumping the shark” moment has happened for your favorite shows. You will know the ins-and-outs so well that you won’t be able to watch TV without over-analyzing every beat ad nauseam. I apologize for this long term side effect in advance.

Happy Watching!

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