THIS! I have been saying this forever!

I think I yelped out loud when I read this headline:

This article leaves out one massive difference between BROAD CITY and GIRLS. In BROAD CITY, the two lead females are hardly apart and if they are apart they’re texting and calling each other incessantly. Meanwhile, the girls of GIRLS are NEVER together. It makes me crazy. They pair off occasionally, but for the most part they each have separate story lines. SEX AND THE CITY did this as well, but they also brought the ladies back together at least two or three times in each episode so update one another, and because the ladies valued each other’s opinions. Now I am not arguing that SATC was an incredibly well-written show (it was timely and vapid for sure) but the writers made a point for viewers to believe in those friendships. The cast of GIRLS are rarely together all at once. In one episode, the girls all go to the beach and have a falling out. It is one of the better episodes of the series and it also shows this weakness better than any other. All the girls become fed up with one another and complain about one another. You are not sure why they were ever friends, and the complaints feel nonsensical as there has been virtually no build up to it at all. Who knew these girls felt this way before they headed into the beach? This is all just me ranting. Such a nice Easter gift to find other people feeling the same way you are.

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