Books for TV Addicts

I just found this website today:

I never read enough as a kid. When I got to college, my teacher “scolded” me for using inappropriate language in my writing. The problem was that whenever I couldn’t think of a word I would simple say “fuck” or “pissed off” instead of having a stronger vocabulary to use the right word. So while my sisters were voracious readers from a young age, I only came into enjoying in it around the time I was introduced to GAME OF THRONES (aka THE SONG OF FIRE AND ICE Series) around the time the series went into development and finished reading the available books when Season One finished airing. (I am now re-reading them before the new season begins.) I immediately saw an improvement in my writing. Now I read books of all different kinds but I am still a sucker for something that is similar to or the basis of a television series or movie. My goal for the past year was to read ALL of the books in the Expanded Universe from STAR WARS. When it was announced that Disney was buying all the rights to world, I knew it was only a matter of time before the books were removed from the canon and Disney began making all new books. I managed to get through everything from the Thrawn Trilogy on (not including the X-Wing Series). Now I am more obsessed with science fiction than ever before and how the writers manage to invent the mechanical details of the world in their writing.

This website is perfect for my love of television and film crossover and now my To Read list on Goodreads has jumped exponentially.

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