Good News and Bad News out of FOX

FOX has two new shows that I immediately fell in love with when they premiered. The first is LAST MAN ON EARTH was renewed for Season Two! I’m so happy to hear this, even though I’m one of five people who watch the show. The writing is so smart and I’m always amazed how they push the storylines forward on a concept that could appear so one note.

The bad news is that episode two of WEIRD LONERS was a bit of a bummer. Yes, it is only the second episode and they are still finding themselves but it is essentially a repeat of the pilot with Caryn struggling with the issue of marrying Howard, and Stosh coming in to save the day for her. The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic and they again end with a beat to remind us while these two cannot be together, but I really wish they would have been smart enough to move forward and keep the idea of the “group hangout” that the pilot ended with together. This group works best when they are all together and playing off one another. Hopefully the writers realized that when they were heading into writing episode three. I try to give all shows three to five episodes to figure out their shit, and if I like the pilot (like I did with WEIRD LONERS) I am willing to give it a little more time.

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