Writing Update

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven’t been as regular at posting as I was when I initially started this blog (all of two weeks ago). All the major television fellowship deadlines are coming up and I am in the middle of getting ready to move back to Los Angeles, which means I am working 24/7 to get my writing portfolio and submissions in perfect shape. It is the most nerve wracking thing. The other day, I had dinner with one of my best friends since high school. She is in the process of writing her dissertation to finish her graduate program and she is struggling. We were both having a similar case of writers’ block. The block wasn’t that we didn’t know what to do, the block was that no one can accuse of failing if you don’t try. She and I both have this same problem, and it leads to a lot of procrastination. It’s terrible. But you have to push through, because you might not fail if you don’t try but you’ll never succeed either, and to me that is much MUCH worse. So I must leave you now and get back to it!

Happy Writing!

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