Taking TV Viewing to Nonsensical Levels

At some point in my life I will have to cut back on my TV viewing, but it is so easy to multitask! Working out, cooking, writing, reading… you can always have a TV on! (Unless you’re driving. I will not say I have not tried it while stuck in ridiculous LA traffic, but it is definitely not recommended).

I have updated the TV schedule page in anticipation for the upcoming season. I believe the number of show I am attempting to keep up with is rising but the number of days they air on is going down. What happened to Thursday? There is nothing worth watching for on the fall schedule for Thursday night.

Also new are all the “possible” shows I will try to watch when they initially air. I try to give new shows a minimum three episode trial run. You cannot trust a pilot to be good, but by episode three a viewer should have an idea of the vibe of the show, the week-to-week structure, and whether or not momentum is building positively. There are SO MANY new shows this year that I am on the fence about. Series like SUPERGIRL get an auto-pass for the first season because of the team behind it, while DR. KEN is in out of the lack of COMMUNITY on Yahoo! next year. It will not be a comparable replacement, but we do what we can.

I am hearing great things about midseason series CONTAINMENT, but in general that is not the kind of series I go for. GAME OF SILENCE has Michael Raymond-James (I am still not over his exit from OUAT, or the cancellation of TERRIORS) and Bre Blair (of THE BABYSITTERS CLUB!!!) so I am giving it a shot, but the title alone is a yawn so my hopes are not high for the series.

Anyone notice how the title trend of the last few years has been a single, intense word? ARROW. EMPIRE. It’s continuing this year with CONTAINMENT and QUANTICO, but it also looks like we are transitioning into new “and” titles with BLOOD AND OIL and KINGS AND PROPHETS. I find this so funny. When I was growing up, my sister and I went back and forth writing over 150 episodes of a fake soap opera parodying KNOTS LANDING. At one point I wanted their to be a spinoff that I could control by myself because clearly I have issues. I stole the format of CBS sudser THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and titled it THE COURAGEOUS AND CAREFREE. (I wrote a pilot episode, but “they” never picked up the fake soap opera to series and so it remains on a hard drive with all my homemade marketing materials somewhere).

I am the most apprehensive for ASH V. EVIL DEAD. Not because it will be bad, I trust that it will be great, and it is made by the team behind the original series and XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS, one of my all time favorite shows. The problem is that I have only seen one Evil Dead movie. It was ARMY OF DARKNESS and I was a freshman in college. My roommate not understanding what a baby I am with my viewing habits told me I “had to watch it,” put it on, and then left. I was alone! With a movie I did not understand! It WAS scary, but there was also a princess named Sheila, and I just felt honestly nauseous the whole time. I have gotten much better with these kinds of things as I have gotten older. I made it through Season 1 of PENNY DREADFUL, and only didn’t continue onto season two for screenwriting-snob reasons (seriously, how many times do we need to see a woman who is only able to enjoy sex when she is a demon? Leave it alone, this trope is ridiculous. Sigourney Weaver in GHOSTBUSTERS was the best version and no one should be using it since then). I also got through iZombie, which is awesome, and so hopefully I will be able to handle Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless in all their awesome campy glory.

So. Much. TV. I am exhausted just thinking about it, but also so excited. So many more shows each year. So many more opportunities for writers. Every day just gets better for us TV lovers.

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