Writing Update!

Hey Everyone! I know I have been radio silent on the blog. Sorry about that! I love these posts and they have definitely not stopped. 

I started a new job writing for a website called The Tracking Board and it has been a ton of fun. I highly recommend checking it out for news updates and access to some great lists like Young & Hungry and the Hit List (which is out tomorrow!), as well as the Launch Pad Competition that has proven pretty damn successful for aspiring writers.

In a couple weeks I will have two WHOLE weeks off of work and I am so thrilled and have a nice long list of shows to break down so keep an eye out! In the meantime, be sure to check out The Tracking Board (there are plenty of links on my twitter to some fun articles I’ve worked on) and if you’re hoping to work in television, definitely take a look at the interview I did with Dana Calvo, the showrunner/creator of GOOD GIRLS REVOLT. The pilot is up on Amazon for free right now and the show is waiting to hear back if it’s getting a series order. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets the order it deserves.

Happy Writing Everyone!


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