Writing Challenge: Final Review

You did it! If you’ve been with me for the past two weeks then today is the last day to knock out your outline (or beat sheet or draft). Just like the other two review days, today we’re looking back over our most recent act, Act Three, to build it into an outline.

Now, for me at least, I view outlining as a script without dialogue and slightly simplified action. If this is how you are as well, you should have a document that’s about fifty pages long. When you’re looking back at this portion of your outline, you’ll want to make sure that everything coming out of your Low Point and moving forward works and builds.

Once you think you have a good grasp on your Act Three, the las thing to do before starting you first in-depth draft is reread everything from start to finish. Is it tracking? Are there any beats that we’re superfluous? Are there any beats you need to add? How’s the clarity? You want to make sure you can pour as much into this part as possible because it’s going to make writing your draft run so smoothly it’ll feel like a breeze. The more work you put in here, the fewer overhauls you’ll need to do in your drafts later.

Once you’re all done, let me know how you did in the comments!

Happy Writing!

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