ScreenplaySubs is a “must” for the Screenwriting Obsessed

If you’re going to write, you have to read. Every writer and producer will tell you that’s the best way to learn screenwriting, and it’s one of my favorite things to do in my downtime. There are a million sites online to help you find your favorite screenplays, but this latest internet browser extension might be my new favorite.

ScreenplaySubs allow you to watch films on Netflix while reading the script on the side of the browser. The current available films is pretty small, but considering that Netflix and other studios release the scripts online during awards season every year, the library should expand pretty quickly.

When I was a kid I became obsessed with Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of “Much Ado About Nothing” – don’t ask me why an 8-year-old would be obsessed with it, but I still am. My mother has a big, beautiful “Complete Works of Shakespeare” book that was high up on the shelves above our television. When I realized what it was and it’s connection to my new favorite movie, my mom allowed me to carefully read through the pages while watching the film. It was fascinating to me the small changes that Branagh made to the film for seemingly inconsequential reasons. And even today, when I see a movie that I love, I want to get my hands on the script and read it while watching to see how it translates.

This new extension was created by a company called “SmashCut Inc.” For full disclosure, I have no connection to this company and (though I’ve done some searches) do not know any of the people involved in the extension. I simply am really excited about this resource and hope that you are too.

If you get the extension and try it out, let me know how you like it and if you learned anything about a screenwriter’s style that you might want to try yourself!

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