The Family Stone

One of the best adult family Christmas films ever. Many have tried both before and after the arrival of this film to create a good, chaotic, warm, loving family dramedy.


In honor of the start of the holiday season (which I refuse to celebrate before Thanksgiving – maybe I’m a purist), I thought I would kick things off with a modern-day classic.


“Stripes” came out a year after “Private Benjamin”. Both films were big hits, fish-out-of-water-comedies about the military, and starred symbols of the counter-culture. “Stripes” is arguable the movie with longer staying power of the two, but is it the better script?


One of the most fun series of recent memor, by far, has been “The Mandalorian”. With the recent season two premiere, I took a look back at the first season and thought I would break down one of the more unique episodes: “The Prisoner”.

Private Benjamin

A year before “Stripes” was released, Goldie Hawn produced and starred in “Private Benjamin”, a film about a spoiled woman who only ever wanted to be rich and married, and finds herself widowed on her wedding night. Vulnerable and confused about what she’s getting herself into, she joins the military and learns to rely on herself.