Private Benjamin

A year before “Stripes” was released, Goldie Hawn produced and starred in “Private Benjamin”, a film about a spoiled woman who only ever wanted to be rich and married, and finds herself widowed on her wedding night. Vulnerable and confused about what she’s getting herself into, she joins the military and learns to rely on herself.

Writing Challenge: Midpoint

One of two things will happen in the Midpoint of a film. Either the introduction of a new character, or the introduction of a new situation. In this film, we’re introduced to the antagonist. Most films will use this moment to introduce a love interest, but not “Knives Out”…

Writing Challenge: Progress / Reversal

To kick off Act Two, I thought it’d be best to look at both the Progress and First Reversal sequences. Today we’ll look at “D2: The Mighty Ducks”, because no one knows how to show progress like a good sports training montage.