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IT’S FALL! IT’S FINALLY HERE! ALL NEW SHOWS AND SO MANY ARE STARTING THIS WEEK! I’M SO EXCITED! I’M SO EXCITED! I’M SO… SCARED! Yes, that was an incredibly corny television joke that has been going on for about twenty-plus years now but it is kind of true! I love to analyze new programming every […]


You’re The Worst

This week is the premiere of what may be my favorite new show of last year: YOU’RE THE WORST. Created and written by Stephen Falk, the series is about narcissistic writer Jimmy and pathological liar, PR rep Gretchen and their amusingly terrible relationship. They are joined by each of their best friends, Jimmy’s roommate and former […]



COMMUNITY is one of my favorite shows and is definitely one of the best written. They are so incredibly economical with their beats. If you watch the show, you can see that when they do their genre episodes there is typically one (maybe two) clear storylines but the more “traditional” stories (as traditional as COMMUNITY […]