Fresh Off The Boat

FRESH OFF THE BOAT, Season One, “Fajita Man” FRESH OFF THE BOAT on ABC is new this year, telling the story of Eddie Huang and his Asian immigrant family as they move from Chinatown, D.C. to Orlando, FL in the ’90s. The show fits nicely alongside two other ABC Comedies: THE GOLDBERGS, which shares “Boat’s” […]


The Flash

THE FLASH: Season 1, Episode 11, The Sound and the Fury Since we are talking about structure. I want to give you guys as many examples of possible. When I read books on screenwriting they always use the same examples even though there are a million television shows and they all have their own unique […]


Let’s Talk About Structure

There are thousands of books on screenwriting and television writing and they all make their case for breaking down structure, with many attempting to make the case for a new structure. It is so frustrating sometimes, trying to figure out which form of structure you should use, especially in television. When I was in school […]