In case you missed it…

I wrote another article! Reached out to Screencraft’s site and pitched a few ideas and here we go! I love this site (even apart from them agreeing to post an article from me). If you are a working or aspiring screenwriter, you should definitely check out the site’s blog. And the contests! Screencraft has blown […]


LA Pitchfest

Writing for LA Screenwriter, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Pitchfest/Scriptfest in LA a couple weekends ago. Events like this are great for screenwriters. Check out my thoughts on the weekend at the link below and let me know what you think! How ScriptFest Won Me Over


Let’s Talk About Structure

There are thousands of books on screenwriting and television writing and they all make their case for breaking down structure, with many attempting to make the case for a new structure. It is so frustrating sometimes, trying to figure out which form of structure you should use, especially in television. When I was in school […]